Food Intolerance

Good day! I feel bad after consuming products with tyramine. I came across your website because I’m looking for a solution to my problem -. Could you tell me please, whether there is and what the medical treatment can be, to avoid diets. Just a list of products – provocateurs too big, it worsens the quality of life. Thanks in advance for the answer!

Dear Andrew,

Being on a special diet does interfere with the quality of life but not as much as your bad symptoms do, and it is good to find out that you have not got some dread medical condition whenever you have a reaction, which you know will resolve over time.

Still do allow yourself to go through a grief reaction at the loss of the self you had before you began having these distressing adverse food reactions. It is a sad time, but in a way, you are now understanding your real self better. Fifty years ago we had no idea what was happening, except in people who reacted to tyramines if on MAOI medicines. In a way it is a relief to know that food sensitivity really exists and that your symptoms are not just in your mind..

Some people suggest hypnosis as a way to avoid the change in quality of life that any diet has. It may help, but spending some time investigating  diet means you know what is really happening in yourself. Once on a diet it is amazing how many others you meet who do not have red wine, or other rich foods. It has become fashionable to use fermented foods but you will meet people who know they should not have them.

Your first step is to have any medical tests related to all your symptoms as there can be something else happening at the same time as food reactions. And make sure you ask for the medicines that will treat the various symptoms you have when you do have a reaction.

Look at the many stories of amine reactions on this blog and see what a variety there are.

The medical treatment you know is necessary after tyramine products produce your way of “feeling bad”, is to use a diet that will help.

If you had been diagnosed a coeliac you would get information on gluten-free foods. Because everyone with tyramine sensitivity syndrome has different symptoms the diagnosis is not clear but the information on how to manage your diet is available. Unlike the diet for coeliac disease you can still choose the level of strictness that suits you, and you can use the medicines you have to treat the symptoms wherever a reaction occurs.

To learn about your food-sensitive self do look in my book Are You Food Sensitive? for the whole investigation process. You can consider the Easy Elimination Diet which attends to all suspect foods but with minimal restriction. While feeling sad about needing to watch some foods it is good to understand what being food sensitive means.

Or you can obtain Tolerating Troublesome Foods which describes all the factors that affect whether a reaction is more likely, and contains the Best Guess Food Guide with 300 foods listed in order of likely reaction. Both are available from AmazonKindle, or this site.

You can decide where to begin, perhaps with the most-likely-to-cause-reaction foods at Risk Rating 9, or 8. Ease out of your usual diet slowly as you will have withdrawal for two or three weeks.

Once you decide on you level of strictness can gradually test foods using information about all the 300 foods discussed in Tolerating. Remember individuals vary greatly in just which foods they tolerate. After learning all the hints there you will surprise yourself with how good you become with your better-than-average sense of smell and taste. All the best!