Recovering from Christmas symptoms

Are you coping with post Christmas symptoms? They might be clear ones such as some clear gut pain or a migraine. Often they are not clear as you did not break the diet in a big way. You may note your appetite is down, gut not comfortable, skin not-quite-itchy, brain not able to think of words usually easy to write on New Year greeting emails, head “thick”, headachy, or even muscles aching when they are usually calm.


Overall they are enough for you to say this is not your previous on-diet state of health.

Do note your symptoms in your diet diary so you are learning what your individual pattern is.


What do you do with yourself? First accept that this is different and that it will take a few days to clear. In the past before-diet time this was what you put up with. Now you know it is part of you as a food sensitive person. It is wise to use some Panadol and avoid pushing yourself doing jobs that you are really not well enough to do without frustration. Consider doing your favourite activity: whatever hobby you have not spent time on lately. That will cheer you up while your body recovers. Or you can do something physical. Fitness advisers suggest that the general public feel better if they go walking and food-sensitive people also report it helping. It is also following the advice of our forebears. These old timers used to call it “getting outside to blow away some cobwebs”.

Then you will gradually get the energy to plan a new year of enjoyable foods that are also what you know you tolerate. And you can write down which Christmas foods you suspect as producing your symptoms and gradually test them over time. Happy new year!