Chronic daily headache

Diet can have a role in chronic daily headaches in food intolerance. The diet is not a neat and tidy list of foods. What is right for a particular person can be clarified with diet investigation using the diet detective process which allows each person to develop their own diet. This can be part of the natural cures for headaches. The foods that contribute to the headaches are somewhat different in different people. To make it more complex there are no tests to show which foods may contribute. Research on diet for headaches has not received the publicity that foods that cause migraine or natural remedies for ADHD. The foods that cause headaches do not seem directly connected to the usual foods implicated in migraine. This is because they are chronic daily headaches and so it is more difficult to know when a headache starts in relation to a particular food. Research on headache treatments has shown that food additives, natural chemicals, and whole foods may all be contributors. Smells matter too. We can begin with this knowledge of the usual suspects and work towards the diet that is best for each individual.

As well as having less publicity people who have chronic daily headaches usually do not receive the sympathy that migraine sufferers get. Their headaches are less severe so sufferers can do their usual work, though with more effort. The headaches may change in their severity but unlike migraines they are there every day. Their presence really affects the sufferers as they know that their normal abilities are significantly affected. The chronic daily headaches interfere with the enjoyment of all aspects of life. They can spoil everyday activities such as enjoyment of close relationships and family life, and they can take the edge off all outings and special occasions. And they are painful! Pain management becomes an important part of their lives.

While pain killers do help diet can be part of the natural cures for headaches. Each person can use the diet detective process to find their own diet and reduce the need for painkillers. They can fill out the useful Family Sensitivity History to give clues as to foods or environmental factors that are important in their family. They then limit the family clue foods as well as all the suspect foods known from the research to give their own Family Elimination Diet and follow the diet detective process to find their own headache treatments.   Where family members have other food intolerance or sensitivity symptoms, particularly IBS, eczema, or migraine, the likelihood that diet will have a positive outcome is high. People often think that food sensitivity symptoms occur just on their own but many people have a variety of symptoms including the usual ones, as well as fatigue, sleep problems, mood changes, foggy thinking or ADHD in children. The bonus with diet detective work is that not only may the headaches change but some of the other symptoms may improve as well.

After greatly reducing or curing their chronic daily headaches the patients often remark on their realisation that this headache free existence is what everyone else always has! They presumed that most people had a life with some headaches at least.

Some chronic daily headaches are related to sinus problems. Sometimes people feel that gut symptoms should be related to whole food such as wheat or milk, and sinus or headaches should be related to inhalants or smells. Through research including the diet detective method we found that each person can react to their own combination of whole food, additives, food chemicals and environmental factors such as stress, spring pollen, or smells. By using this idea of the Total Body Load each person become a diet detective and as they work through the diet detective process find out how to manage their chronic daily headaches. Information about the Family Sensitivity History, the Total Body Load and the Diet Detective Process is available in Are You Food Sensitive?