Migraine headache treatments

Your headache or migraine might be due to food sensitivity

Is migraine or headache due to food sensitivity? No
Are some people with migraine or headache food sensitive? Yes.

How do you know if you are one of the ones diet might help? Of course I presume you have discussed your symptoms with your doctor to ensure medical investigations are carried out before  diet investigation is begun.

It is not completely clear just who reacts to food. If it was you would have heard about it by now! However there are some factors that indicate a high likelihood.

Those most likely to respond to dietary investigation for food sensitivity have one or some of the following :-

  • an atopic [allergic]family history [the person or immediate relatives have or had symptoms such as hay fever, sinus problems, eczema, rashes, or asthma].
  • as well as family members having some of another group of symptoms [migraine, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, mouth ulcers, car sickness, or limb pains],
  • a family member who has adverse reaction to aspirin,
  • those with an increased sensitivity to smell both in food and in the environment,
  • those with an increased sensitivity to taste,
  • those who have seen a definite adverse reaction to a food or additive in the past.
  • they may have increased body odour or bad breath.

Unfortunately there is no test that shows who is food sensitive or what food chemicals they are sensitive to. That does not mean you cannot find out. It means you can do what I call “Diet Detective Work” to find out just what is causing the headaches or migraine.

This means that you go on a diet excluding all the suspect foods and chemicals for four weeks and then reintroduce them one by one to see if your symptoms get worse. Don’t panic! You can get help from a qualified dietitian [Accredited Practicing Dietitian – APD] who can balance what needs to be excluded with your preferred food and your particular lifestyle. Investigation has been developed at three levels of diet restriction:- The Easy Elimination Diet, The Good Results Diet-Detective Diet and the go-for-maximum-results Elimination Diet. Dietitians emphasise what you what you can have more than what to exclude, so diet can be manageable, and if it decreases symptoms it is definitely worth while!

Look for more detailed information and practical ways to get started in the “Are You Food Sensitive?” book


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