Colonscopy prep drink reaction

Lyn had a very bad reaction to the colonscopy preparation drink with severe headache which took days to resolve. The Lavage solution has a strong artificial flavour. Usually you are recommended one pack of Picolax and one pack of ColonLYTELY. The Picolax is only available as Lemon but the ColonLYTELY  can be obtained without flavour. You do need to discuss this issue with the nurse who advises you before the procedure. Each practice is different. It is wise to let staff know a month before that you do not want the lemon flavour and will order the plain ColonLYTELY yourself from your own chemist. Since you will not be using the Picolax it may be suggested that you use 3 packs of ColonLYTELY. I was quoted $4.00 each in 2019. You can discuss with your dietitian what very finely strained tolerated sweetened fruit juice you can flavour it with. You are welcome to share your experience with others here.